substance abuse & Alcohol INTERVENTION

Professional Intervention Services

Do you have a loved one struggling with drugs and alcohol and you don't know what to do?  Have you tried every effort to get them to stop and nothing helps? 

If you are at the end of your rope, WE CAN HELP!

What is A Substance Abuse/Alcohol Intervention & How Does it Work?

A Substance Abuse/Alcohol  Intervention is an orchestrated attempt to get someone (the addict) to seek professional help with an addiction, usually resulting to rehab or some form of addiction treatment and or counseling services.

At Steadfast Coaching & Intervention, we will work closely with the family to help identify dynamics that need to change for your loved one to reach a willingness to accept help and accountability. An intervention can motivate the addict to seek help for their substance abuse or misuse. 

When Should The Family Consider A Substance Abuse/Alcohol Intervention?

A Family or loved one should consider an intervention if the addict is unmanageable in all or certain areas concerning but not limited to, home life, workspace/career, social life, personal life. Some common signs the addict is in need of an intervention are....

-Failure to complete daily tasks due to substance misuse and/or alcohol misuse.

-Arrests due to substance misuse and/or alcohol misuse.

-Violent outbursts and uncontrollable behavior due to substance misuse and/or alcohol misuse. 

The family almost always suffers when their loved one is suffering from addiction, you don't have to do this alone, there is help and we are here to help!

 If you feel an intervention is appropriate for your loved one, call now to speak to an Intervention Professional today.